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70° This First Friday and Closing Night of "Side Stories" in RiNo!

The air is warm, the sun is out, and it feels like spring. What better a day than today to walk around the art districts and support new exhibiting artists? There are plenty of events happening tonight and ways to show your support. From the historic art walk on Santa Fe Drive to RiNo to Colfax, the city is alive with a creative warmth today that everyone can feel. Among the many events and opportunities to experience art, we wanted to highlight one of our favorite new local exhibitions in RiNo, on 36th Avenue: Side Stories.

Side Stories - RiNo Art District

Side Stories is an immersive, cinematic art walk experience featuring 8 local artists. Today is the last chance to see it, since the experience only runs from Feb 28th - March 6th!

Where: The tour takes place on 36th Avenue in RiNo with food and drink deals from nearby restaurants and breweries.

When: TONIGHT ONLY - 3/6/2020 - 6pm-10pm

Side Stories 2019: courtesy of


Courtesy of RiNo Art District

The eight selected artists and the respective themes of their work are:

1. Daniel Fickle – “Love Hour” will pay homage to the silent films of the early 1900s and tell the story of five couples unleashing their love at sunset. Daniel is a returning artist from Side Stories 2019!

2. Xadie James Antonio – “Spectre of The Locomotive” will use rotoscope animation blended with the live footage to capture the ephemeral nature of a changing city while the locomotive, the giant ghost of the past, remains a constant staple.

3. Annette Isham – Isham’s wall will immerse the audience with animated drone footage of a feminine orb that traverses the Colorado landscape.

4. Phillip Faulkner – Faulkner will employ collage motifs that combine representational and abstract marks to create a composition in flux.

5. Laurel Cohen – Cohen will create a RiNo monster visually inspired by Colorado’s natural setting and RiNo’s industrial history.

6. Natalie Einterz – “Colorado Nature Reimagined” will play with surreal landscapes, integrating vibrant, bold colors and creating portals to transition between animated themes.

7. Kendra Fleischman – Fleischman will create an interactive, magical work exploring the simple elegance of silhouettes and shadows. This is Kendra’s second year producing an original film for Side Stories.

8. Tom Ludlow – Ludlow’s “Colorado Crystal Cave” will immerse viewers in a crystal cave filled with dripping stalactites, glittering pools, flying bats and glowing insects.

Explore new art, create new experiences, and take photos! Send your images to @ArtOfHomeTeam and we will feature you in our Facebook and Instagram stories. Be sure to tag the artists in your posts!

See you tonight Denver! For more information, visit here.

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